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Ever wonder what it would be like if all of the classic movie monsters were all porn stars? Err... no? Well, we did! And we made a bunch of sexy images and a little game to explore this question to its fullest.

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Posted by TinyHat-Studios - September 25th, 2020

Today's the day! You can finally play the full game with all 12 episodes on Steam!

Puzzle your way through various scenarios and let the Lockdown Ladies lewd up your life!

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If the link doesn't work for you, try the LoLU! community section



Posted by TinyHat-Studios - September 22nd, 2020

Interested in a chance at winning a free copy of an 18+ adult game on Steam? Today's your lucky day!


We're working with the excellent developers at Team Tailnut to host a giveaway of their latest sexy offering!

Enter our competition and wishlist Lockdown Lewd Up: New Hope Edition on Steam before September 24th for your chance to win one of ten copies!

Want to play the first episode for free? Check it out on here on Newgrounds to get a taste of what's to come!



Posted by TinyHat-Studios - July 30th, 2020

The sun's still out, and so is the hot and heavy adult fun!

We've got not one, but TWO new big game announcements for you guys, along with sales, updates, and more!


Learn the secret to beating cabin fever- by beating off!

Can you master these sexy puzzles?



Ever wanted the power to hypnotize others? How about be hypnotized yourself?

Engage in some lewd science in Hypnolab!



We're keeping the updates rolling with Cloud Meadow: Setting Roots Update - Part 2

Want to learn about all of the cool new stuff being added to the game?

Check out our news post on the game's Steam page!


We've currently got two big week long sales running!

The first is the Steam TinyHat Publisher Sale!

As you can imagine- it's a sale, on Steam, for TinyHat Studios published titles!

The second is the IndieGala TinyHat Publisher Sale!

We've teamed up with IndieGala to offer prices as low as the recent Summer Sale!

Check them both out while you can!



Posted by TinyHat-Studios - November 21st, 2019

I mentioned some gameplay updates I've been wanting to work on in the last build post. I wanted to do a post here and elsewhere so that everyone can get an idea of what's in store and where we want to take the game.


Basically, I feel like the CYOA style of film making leaves the game feeling stilted, slow, and clunky. Also, it doesn't provide any clear or satisfying avenues for growth. As a solution to that, Towercrow and I are working on a new card-based solution to gameplay. Making films will be as easy as dragging and dropping characters & positions. onto the board. Slick, satisfying, clean. After the cards are placed, the films are played just as they are in the current builds.

On top of this, the game will have a "deck building" aspect. You only start out with a few cards, and every week, you use the resources from the films you make to buy new cards to add to your deck. This means that as you play, you will be unlocking new cards, new positions, new characters, & new themes.


Ideally we want to keep the idea we previously had that in between every week, you can interact with a starlet. Meaning that on top of growing the cards you have access to, you will also be advancing the individual storylines of each characters as you go! This will allow us to have multiple endings available and ensure that the game will have a decent amount of replayability, as you will want to collect different cards & use different strategies to go down each route.


Lastly, it ensures that even once we have a fully playable and complete feeling game, we can continue to support Spooky Starlets by adding update packs which include new packs of cards- featuring new positions, new starlets, new themes, and more!

ADDENDUM: If anyone's not keen on card games, we'll keep the current gameplay loop in as an optional way to play while we work on the new gameplay. Eventually the current gameplay loop can be turned into a freeform "gallery" like mode for those who just want to make movies and not bother about the card game stuff.



Posted by TinyHat-Studios - March 28th, 2019


This is a post I want everyone to be able to see- however NSFW posts must be locked to Patrons. So here's a public version of our latest Patreon post for those interested in the future direction of Spooky Starlets!

So, time and time again, we've had people request to be able to actually see the films they make. Usually my kneejerk reaction was- "that would be too complex, it would require too many animations, the point of the project is to just use your imagination!"

But after hearing it enough and thinking about it, I got to thinking. Would it be too complex? So, I ended up talking to a few animators about potential solutions which we could use to cycle our set of 12 positions across each of the girls with very little additional work. Now after an initial set of work, I am very proud to announce that we've figured out a working solution to introduce animations to the game!


As shown in these initial examples, we figured out a way to use the same animation for two different characters that have different proportions and body shapes. This gives us a lot of freedom to get creative with our girls while also not blowing up the animation budget.

We're still a ways off from actually implementing these into the game- and we don't have a terribly large amount of budget to churn these out, but I'll try and have these come out at a slow but consistent pace and post them here for Patrons to check out. Currently, we have some big plans for May. We want to add updated game mechanics and hopefully have the animations in by then.

Meanwhile for upcoming April content, we'll continue to produce new Starlets, CGs, and (ideally) more animations. The build in which Lucy will be introduced is delayed while I see about adding in a temporary placeholder tutorial.

Those interested in our project can check out our Patreon!

Meanwhile, other things going on with the project- - - - - - -

 We will be re-working the $3 tier. Not many people seem to be interested in the main adventure chart, so we want to transition that to being free content- while keeping the upcoming bonus charts locked behind the tier still. We are still thinking of another benefit to possibly replace the main adventure chart's removal from that tier.

Our current Starlet voting poll ends in approximately 3 hours!

Only 3 days left until we hand out the Susie Stitches Ringtones!



Posted by TinyHat-Studios - March 20th, 2019


We've found a cool new way to offer even more Spooky Starlets content to you guys!

We created a nifty little ringtone and we would like to share it with early adopters!

Ever since we initially launched our demo for Spooky Starlets less than a month ago, the reception has been fantastic and we've gotten a lot of great feedback as well as a lot of love.

We want to have a chance to reward all of the early adopters out there who are allowing us to improve and build an even better version of Spooky Starlets!

If you are interested in learning more about the ringtone and how to get it, feel free to check out our full post over on Patreon!